Elegant Bengals Meet our Kings & Queens -ADOPT a pet bengal today!​​

Meet our Kings & Queens 

Welcome to our Urban Kingdom.

Presenting our exquisite Dames and Sires.

(Thank you for your patience, as there are several pictures to load on this page)


"Queen Jetset" of Elegant Bengals

  • Parents from Sofysticats & Sherakan 
  • From Quebec, Canada
  • ​Color: Charcoal Silver  
  • She loves:  Loves to have full conversations with you, is super friendly with everyone & very trusting, loves being pet on her back & putting her butt in the air, loves kneading on your back when you hold her, does climbing to the top of the tallest cat tree in her perch, loves falling asleep with her limbs hanging off the edge, naturally an amazing mommy, very calm & kind temperament, loves feathers and showing off on her scratching posts when ppl come to visit!


"Queen Marquise Amethyst"

of Elegant Bengals

  • CHAMPION-Canadian Cat Association Champion (C.C.A)
  • Parents from Lakeleopardz
  • ​From Ohio, USA
  • Color: Silver Snow Sepia
  • She Loves: being the class clown & always making everyone laugh, being curious with anything new, being silly&playful, playing fetch with her favorite toys, stealing dog toys, talking up a storm when spoken to, darting around randomly from room to room, knocking things off of mommy's night table, sticking her head in places she can't get out of, & hiding with her head in paper bags & boxes thinking she's completely hidden. Then pass out on her back for a catnap.

"Queen Black Diamond"

of Elegant Bengals

  • CHAMPION-International & Canadian Cat Association Champion (T.I.C.A & for C.C.A)
  • Parents from Lakeleopardz
  • From Ohio, USA
  • ​Color: Cool Brown
  • She Loves: dragging shoes from the front hall down the basement stairs, cuddling up on your lap or underneath a fuzzy blanket, climbing up high, chasing springs & strings, catching feather toys by: 1. either chasing them around, 2. grabbing them by jumping up high in the air or her very favourite game of 3. playing tug-o-war while letting out the cutest little growls, she loves treats such as chicken breast, ground beef and even popcorn! She has a quiet gentle soul, but cannot be underestimated for her stealth and friskiness!

"Queen Posh Princess"

of Elegant Bengals 

  • CHAMPION-Canadian Cat Association Champion (C.C.A)
  • ​Color: Golden Brown
  • She Loves: being a FOODIE! ANY FOOD! Duck, liver, chicken, esp. chewing on mommy's socks!, chasing around spring toys & getting them stuck in the vents, sleeping like a pancake with her arms/legs spread flat, following mommy around to every room-VERY loyal!, sausage-ing under blankets, lying on mommy's keyboard

"King Lakeleopardz White Lightning"​ 

  • Parents from Lakeleopardz
  • From Ohio, USA
  • ​Color: Snow Lynx 
  • He Loves: Being a softy teddy bear, cuddling and giving lots of kisses to the Queens as he is a true ladies' man, talking up a storm when he sees you, to mark his territory :), his outdoor play time, getting pettings, loves climbing cat trees to the top, stealing feather toys, 

"Queen Alluring Topaz"of Elegant Bengals

  • Parents from Sofysticats & Silvercastle
  • From Quebec, Canada & South Korea
  • ​Color: Charcoal Silver Snow Mink
  • She loves: climbing to the very top of cat trees, trying to lick people's eyelashes, bugging the full grown Queen's tails, pushing buttons on computer keyboards esp WHEN you are trying to use them, chewing on cell phone cases, sleeping on your chest, playing games on the iPad tablet,  talking back, loves to purr when you pick her up, loves pouncing on your feet when they are under the covers


"Queen Dalnim of Elegant Bengals"

  • Parents from CherryKitty & Darkside Bengals
  • From South Korea
  • ​Color: Golden Brown
  • She loves: Has a new story to tell you daily, loves to play with feather stick toys, is super affectionate & will let you pet her for hours, always wants to be with you, very loyal-if she doesn't see you, she will play marco polo with you until she can, loves playing hide and seek, loves sleeping under the blankets in bed, is an extremely fast runner, loves treats!, will play fetch with springs, loves sleeping in the highest perch that she can find! an all around sweetheart. 


​"Queen Precious Pearl"of Elegant Bengals

  • Parents from Lakeleopardz Bengals
  • From Ohio, USA
  • ​Color: Silver
  • Cashmere - LONG HAIRED Bengal 
  • She loves: Talking up a storm as soon as she sees you open an eyelid every morning, loves darting in and out of every room, being in the same room as us, sleeps on her back, chasing any other cats tail to chew on it, jumping on the back of other kittens, cuddling in bed every night, knocking things over, attempting jumps that are out of her reach, sneaking in open cupboards & getting stuck in them., being playful! Gets along with everyone!


"King Crown Jewels"

of Elegant Bengals

  • 2017 TICA 3rd BEST Bengal & 2x time TICA Regional Winner!!
  • 2015-16 TICA 2nd BEST BENGAL NE RW 
  • SUPREME GRAND CHAMPION - International Cat Association (T.I.C.A)
  • 2015-16 BEST GRAND CHAMPION-Canadian Cat Association (C.C.A)
  • TICA Regional 9th BEST Shorthair 2015-16 
  • From New York, USA
  • Color: Golden Brown
  • He Loves: playing fetch with Q-tips, jumping up high for feather toys, playing with pens stuck in the couch cracks, carrying around anything with catnip in it, kicking a kick-a-roo toy, getting scratched between his legs, collecting all his favourite toys together & hiding them away like a ferret under the fridge, climbing cat trees& then purring like a motorboat to celebrate his victory overtime he reaches the top!

"King Catullus"

of Elegant Bengals

  • Father is 'Bengally's Achille'-TICA Supreme Grand Champion & CCA Supreme Master Champion 
  • From Sofysticats in Laval, Quebec
  • Color: Silver Spotted
  • He Loves: Talking up a storm with his mouth completely wide open, inserting himself on your lap or laptop, whatever is easier to steel your attention, loves his tennis racket size paws and being our biggest male bengal, being curious & playing with the litter while you are trying to clean it, he loves exploring on his walks outside, strutting around modelling his jackets, puts up with being dressed up in different outfits, is a huge cuddler with a massive purr motor attached. Batteries included. No assembly required lol.