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About Elegant Bengals

Elegant Bengals is Ottawa’s finest source of exquisite Bengal cats. We are committed to raising gorgeous, healthy kittens that are socialized and ready for their new homes

How it began

As a child, founder Brianna Hennessy’s early years were always blessed with family cats, and she grew to love their cuddly and playful nature. As a young professional, she fostered dozens of cats and orphaned kittens from the S.P.C.A., taking them into her home to bring them back to health, teach them love, and enjoy their many personalities.

When Brianna first discovered the Bengal breed, she was smitten! Their beautiful pelts with bold, exotic colours of gold and silver, with exquisite facial markings were like living art. She was startled to learn that this breed is so intelligent it can actually be taught tricks, routines and responses, interacting with family members much like a family dog!

As the Hennessy family fell in love with this breed, they established the Elegant Bengals family cattery and dreamed about educating people about this amazing breed, and sharing their passion for Bengals, across North America and worldwide.

Elegant Bengals today

Elegant Bengals is a home-based, TICA, CCC & CCA-registered cattery, out of Ottawa, Ontario, which allows us to provide the care and attention needed to produce the finest gold and silver Bengal Cubs in small lots for discerning buyers.

Our Kings and Queens are selected with care from proven, time-tested pedigrees.

We selectively breed hybrid Asian leopards to achieve the most striking, wild and exotic markings, even temperaments, and luxurious pelts.

We pride ourselves on raising active Bengals in a free-range, active family environment to ensure that they are pre-socialized and ready to be welcomed into your family and your home. We pay close attention to immunizations, and our veterinarians ensure that our kittens are given the best-possible chance for long, happy and healthy lives.

Our cattery is a member of the PRO Royal Canin Elite Breeder Program. Royal Canine is a pioneer in science-based, high-quality nutrition for cats and is continuously evolving their nutrition regiments to ensure digestive health and the development and maintenance of a strong immune system.

We are committed to developing high quality gold & silver spotted Bengals and therefore only produce a few litters per year. ADOPT A PET BENGAL TODAY!

Show your Bengal

Elegant Bengals also considers pedigree to produce show-grade kittens that can compete in breeder showcases, cat shows and other competitions.

Only a few choice kittens are of the exclusive quality needed for prize competitions, and we are committed to working with buyers who are looking for special champion kittens suitable for competition.


Contact us to learn more, or to reserve your kitten(s). ADOPT A PET BENGAL TODAY!


*We are a CCC & CCA/AFC Registered Cattery that is negative for HCM, FeLV/ FIV, PRA & PK-Deficiency. As an ethical breeder, we test our Queens & Kings on an ongoing basis to ensure that your Bengal kitten(s) come home with a roaring vitality!

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