Retiring Queen Hnossa  

Traditional Brown Female (SOLD)

King: 'Elegant Bengals Crown Jewels'

Queen: 'Elegant Bengals Freya'

Born: July 19th, 2016 (Approx. 1.5 yrs old)
Pet price: Please Inquire via email.                 *Pics inc. her baby & adult pics.

AVAILABLE Bengal Kittens

See 'PRICING' page for additional details

*​Pricing Includes: 
-Weekly personalized pics/videos of your kitten to watch them play and grow until they are ready to go to their forever home
-T.I.C.A Registration certificate upon confirmation of spay/neuter (for non-breeding cats)
-Supreme Grand International Champion Pedigree Lines - Parents are on site & are current 2016 T.I.C.A & C.C.A Champions. 
-5 generation purebred pedigrees showcased on site/avail upon request.
-Spay/neuter is not included as it is recommended for the healthy growth of the kitten, that they not be altered before the age of 4 months/16 weeks, where as the transfer of the kittens from the Breeder occurs at 12 weeks of age. (Contact Breeder for supporting references)

-Full Veterinarian Examination of your new kitten 
-Fully socialized kittens with lovable temperaments - Guaranteed! All kittens are born & raised in our room.
-2-year health guarantee against any congenital diseases as well as a 72 hr earth guarantee against any viral diseases
-Up to date on vaccines and all kittens are preventatively dewormed, with official immunization records 
-Litter trained
-Toys to help you play and interact with your kitten, which will encourage bonding with you and you family members
-Nails trimmed

Your Kitten Care Kit shall include (subject to change)
-a Royal Canin “kitten care starter kit" including a kitten care guide, a kitten nutrition kit, and a subscription to PetFirst! offering valuable advice for your new companion. This is made possible through our relationship with Royal Canin Elite as a member of their breeder program. Royal Canin recognizes Elegant Bengals as a reputable breeder on their website.
-A special Elegant gem neck collar from Elegant Bengals with a customized "Made with Love" Charm
-An accentuating adult male or female breakaway MEOW clip collar for your new companion to grow into 
-A cozy blanket with the mother's scent to comfort the Kitten during its transition to its new home

-A new Bengal Bowl for their new home

- Freezer Dried Chicken treats

-Different toys to spoil your new kitten with, such as a spring, crinkle balls, bell balls, furry mice, 

-Canadian Grown Giggly Grass catnip
-4-6 weeks of complimentary Pet Insurance
-A New Bengal Owner information package from your trusted Breeder including; TIPS on how to integrate your Bengal Kitten into your home, as well as informative and strongly recommended healthy alternatives to declawing.

-Promotion from MEOWBOX

-Sample from Feliway

-Pickup/Delivery dates will be arranged with you at the time of purchase. 

-Cargo flights anywhere in Canada are $300 including a brand new carrier. We split this cost with you. 

Lumi (Finnish for snow)

Snow Leopard Lynx Male (SOLD)

King: 'Lakeleopardz White Lightning'

Queen: 'Cherrykitty Dalnim'

Born: Dec 20th, 2017
Pet price: Under evaluation 

Cindy Lou Who (Grinch movie)

Traditional Brown Female (SOLD) 

King: 'Crown Jewels of Elegant Bengals'

Queen: 'Lakeleopardz Black Diamond'

Born: Nov 2nd, 2017
Pet price: n/a 


Nevada (means snowfall)

Snow Leopard Lynx Female (SOLD) 

King: 'Lakeleopardz White Lightning'

Queen: 'Cherrykitty Dalnim'

Born: Dec 20th, 2017
Pet price: Under evaluation 

MOBILE VIEW : Pics of each kitten are stacked below the descriptions in the same order.

Aika (Japanese for 'little love')

Traditional Brown Female (AVAILABLE) 

King: 'Lakeleopardz White Lightning'

Queen: 'Cherrykitty Dalnim'

Born: Dec 20th, 2017
Pet price: Under evaluation 

Blitzen (Santa's Reindeer)

GoldenBrown Male (SOLD)

King: 'Elegant Bengals Crown Jewels' 

Queen: 'Lakeleopardz Black Diamond'

Age: Nov 2nd, 2017
Pet price: n/a




 We have 2 litters coming up! Expected the end of July/1st week of August...

  1. 'Black Diamond:' COLOURs: brown, silver, & snow leopard lynx                                         Coat/Pattern:All short haired, spotted & marble 
  2. 'Dalnim':COLOURs: brown & snow lynx

        Coat/Pattern:All short haired & long haired, spotted & marble


*RESERVE TODAY for top picks of the litters! 

  • We already have 3 reservations on the newly born/upcoming litters. 
  • Most arereserved before they are born, especially for more RARE colors such as Snow or Silver.
  • 'Family Meet & Greets' are set up to meet all the kittens just a few weeks after they are born,                                                                    to start your selection process, which must be made by week 6.
  •  Come visit our family cattery, to meet all the parents to be!


Dear Forever Family, 


We would love to have you & your family come visit us to meet the King/Queens & their babies ALL on site.  

Our Elite TICA- and CCA-registered/approved cattery has selectively bred its current/on site 2xRW SUPREME TICA GRAND Champion SIRE & TICA/CCA Champion Queens to yield these gorgeous Bengal kittens. Each with a unique personality and exceptional markings in keeping with a long line of pedigree champions. We offer a 2 yr congenital HEALTH GUARANTEE! There is nothing more important than the health & vitality of your new kitten! 

We are PROUD of our cage free environment! Our bengals are loved pets in our home, and ALL roam free INCLUDING our male which is SELDOM to see in most catteries! ALL our kittens are born IN OUR BEDROOM. They are our FAMILY 1st! 

TEMPERAMENT GUARANTEED: Our kittens are sure to grace your home with elegance, liven up your life with their awesome personalities, and provide immeasurable companionship for years to come. You might even be tempted to take two!


Contact us today, for more info on our available kittens.


Yours truly,

The Elegant Bengals Family 



 Available COLOR COATS that we produce:

1. Golden Brown (is the most popular for their wild jungle appearance)
2. Cool Brown
3. Silver, & 
4. Snow: Lynx, Mink & Sepia (VERY RARE)

5. Charcoal, Melanistic, Solid, & Smoke (EXTREMELY RARE)
-At birth, all "rosettes" begin as a single black coloured spot, & then open up into a stunning Tri-coloured rosettes(around 5+ weeks old)

-Snow & Melanistic bengals are often born looking 1 color white or black. Their spots develop & become more prominent as they grow up until 1 year old. These colours are VERY RARE and UNIQUE!

We are NOW accepting Reservations