PRICING  **Price Inclusions are Listed below...

  • a Pet Pricing is between $1300-$1900. Evaluations are based on bengal breed standard.

  • Show/Breeder Pricing starting at $2800 & up. 

  • Consideration for selling cats kittens as breeders, will be to established catteries ONLY.

  • *Kittens are evaluated & then priced by 5-7 weeks old. 

  • ACCEPTED PAYMENT METHODS:​ Email transfer to, cash, cheques, VISA, Mastercard, & Paypal. 

*Please Note:

-Prices vary dependant on the evaluation of the "quality" of each kitten. More specifically, according to their colour, markings, overall structure, head type, profile etc. During the first few months of a Bengal's life, this changes rapidly as they develop & grow. Most commonly known as the "fuzzies" 

-By no means is the "quality" a.k.a "breed standards" indicative of a kitten's purrsonality! 

-Each & every Elegant Bengals kitten, is a beautiful unique miracle, that is waiting to meet you !  



  • Weekly personalized pics/videos of your kitten to watch them play and grow until they are ready to go to their forever home

  • T.I.C.A Registration certificate upon confirmation of spay/neuter (for non-breeding cats)
  • Supreme Grand Champion Pedigree Lines - Parents are on site & are current 2016 T.I.C.A & C.C.A Champions. 

  • 5 generation purebred pedigrees showcased on site/avail upon request.

  • Spay/neuter is not included as it is recommended for the healthy growth of the kitten, that they not be altered before the age of 4 months/16 weeks, where as the transfer of the kittens from the Breeder occurs at 12 weeks of age. (Contact Breeder for supporting references)

  • Microchipped

  • Fully socialized kittens with lovable temperaments - Guaranteed

  • 2-year health guarantee against any congenital diseases as well as a 72 hr earth guarantee against any viral diseases

  • Up to date on vaccines and all kittens are preventatively dewormed bi-weekly, with official immunization records 

  • Litter trained

  • Toys to help you play and interact with your kitten, which will encourage bonding with you and you family members

  • Nails trimmed

  • Your Kitten Care Kit shall include:

-a Royal Canin “kitten care starter kit" including a kitten care guide, a kitten nutrition kit, and a subscription to PetFirst! offering valuable advice for your new companion. This is made possible through our relationship with Royal Canin Elite as a member of their breeder program. Royal Canin recognizes Elegant Bengals as a reputable breeder on their website.

-A special Elegant gem neck collar from Elegant Bengals with a customized "Made with Love" Charm

-An accentuating adult male or female breakaway MEOW clip collar for your new companion to grow into 

-A cozy blanket with the mother's scent to comfort the Kitten during its transition to its new home

-A new Bengal Bowl for their new home

- Freezer Dried Chicken treats

-Different toys to spoil your new kitten with, such as a spring, crinkle balls, bell balls, furry mice, 

-Canadian Grown Giggly Grass catnip

-4-6 weeks of complimentary Pet Insurance

-A New Bengal Owner information package from your trusted Breeder including; TIPS on how to integrate your Bengal Kitten into your home, as well as informative and strongly recommended healthy alternatives to declawing.

-Promotion from MEOWBOX

-Sample from Feliway​​

  • Please note that depending on availability, some items above may be switched out for other new exciting items for your kittens! We are always on the lookout for new ways to spoil your new baby!

  • Pickup/Delivery dates will be arranged with you at the time of purchase.                                  

  •  WE DO RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE TO SELL YOU THE KITTEN, AT ANY TIME BEFORE DELIVERY, IF WE FEEL YOU AREN'T GOING TO BE THE "RIGHT" FAMILY FOR OUR BABY.  In that case, you would of course receive a full refund of your deposit.  Our kittens are a part of our family first, and we want them to live long and happy lives with loving new families.


  • "Companion Discount" of $200 will be offered to the "Buyer", upon the purchase of each concurrent kitten , OR for Returning customers.

  •  a $50 Referral amount will be paid to any existing customer, upon full payment received from  the new referred customer.

Below are both excellent opportunities to add a Bengal to your family, at a reduced price!

  1. Occasionally, we have kittens available at a discounted price if they are ready to leave us, but    have yet to  found their purrfect "forever" families.

  2. Once & while we also retire our Kings or Queens as well. They are also placed up for adoption,    at a reduced price.



  • a $300 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your kitten.

  • A $500 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve a breeder/show kitten.